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Saturday, October 29, 2016

DAY 29
Ghost Bob

S'matter, can't I get your ghost, Bob?

The classic be-speckled "ghost" of Bob is one of the darker, albeit comedic moments in Halloween.

Apparently it is PJ Soles' favorite moment, which was scripted by Debra Hill.

Speaking about the scene the actress is quoted as explaining the following...

I needed something to do while I'm waiting, so I start filing my nails. John told me, 'What I want out of the scene is that this guy is not gonna take the sheet off his head. We're not gonna know it's not your boyfriend, so you have to keep enticing him to take the sheet off.' I tried everything I could, right down to my 'See anything you like?'" [while bearing her breasts].... 

The actress recalls the development of that scene: "When I pulled the bed sheet down, John said, 'We need some kind of a little nudity thing.' He wasn't quite sure what, and he didn't want me to do anything if it felt uncomfortable. It just popped into my head to lower the bed sheet and say, 'See anything you like?'